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News for April 2021

Edmonton Ostomy Association (EOA) is currently dissolving.  

As a result all meetings and functions are cancelled.

For inquires about this situation, the following people can be contacted:

Vice-president - Marjorie (Phone) 780-487-4273 

Membership -   Janet  (Phone)  780-437-4160

FOWC  information - click on FOWC sidebar.

Personal visits to ostomates and families can no longer be done on behalf of EOA.  For any inquires about pre-op or post-op ostomy  information contact Marjorie at  780-487-4273 or Adeline at 780-418-2028  



For the present time:


Friends of Worldwide Ostomates Canada (FOWC) committee will continue to accept donated ostomy supplies. Click on FOWC sidebar for further  information.

For health concerns click sidebar:  Access AB Health Care